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Gurbani Game App

My purpose of also developing Gurbani Game App is to promote more Gurbani across the Globe & to help & support Globe to learn, revise or recite Gurbani in interactive & easy way using the correct use of their Gadgets, Smartphones or Tablet PC etc. & to also promote Sikhism, good works, Indian & other Cultures etc. Initially, in Level 1, you will find Chaupai Sahib paath since many know Chaupai Sahib or want to know, learn or recite Chaupai Sahib regularly but I have written in such a way that if anyone across the Globe does not know Hindi or Gurmukhi then still he or she will be able to recite, understand or grasp properly. I have developed this Game App using GameSalad. - GURMEET SINGH DANG (Owner & Founder of GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS,